DJ & Pandora release an evil dryad-like creature – Furi – from her cocooned state which brings about a series of events that threaten their small town and even put DJs dad in danger. Furi is enraged that shes awakened by DJ & Pandora before her transformation to the ultimate force of evil is complete. She starts off as a small waif-like villain but grows in power by sucking the life force out of humans and forest creatures. Furi even has the ability to control the forces of natures and bring inanimate objects to life.

DJ & Gang try various approaches to stop her using secret military weapon-grade chemicals but in the end, the gang must rely upon the most deadly substance known to man …err at least to them – Seep Juice! Follow DJ, Pandora and the rest of the gang through dark forests, creepy toy cemeteries, llama farms, secret military bases, and even the River Styx to combat Furi and save their town before its too late!

In-Game Pics:

Death Jr. II: Root of Evil PSP Death Jr. II: Root of Evil PSP Death Jr. II: Root of Evil PSP Death Jr. II: Root of Evil PSP

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Death Jr. II: Root of Evil PSP Info:

Publish Date: October 31, 2006
Genre : Action-Adventure
Published by: Konami
Developed by:
Backbone Entertainment
Region : USA
Game platform : PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Rom Type: ISO

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