Pokémon is back for another round catching and training! You’re the new guy (or girl) in Littleroot Town, and the newest generation of Pokémon trainers. Professor Birch sends you on your way in your journey, with one of your choice of 3 starter Pokémon. There’s Treecko (A grass-type chameleon-like little guy) Torchic (a Fire-type bird) and Mudkip (a Water-type amphibious creature).Now, you’ve got a whole new world to explore in Hoenn, with eight new gyms and two-on-two battles, opening up a whole new myriad of tactics! New items, new Pokémon (over 350!!), and a new Pokédex to boot too! And of course we have our new villains, the nefarious Team Magma, who plan on submerging the world in water in order to call out the Legendary Groudon!Only one person can stop them and become the ultimate Pokémon Master.

.. You!

In-Game Pics

Pokemon Ruby Version GBA ROM
Pokemon Ruby Version GBA ROM
Pokemon Ruby Version GBA ROM
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Pokemon Ruby GBA ROM -Info :

Game Name: Pokemon Ruby Version
Publish Date: November 21, 2002
Genre : Role-playing video game
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Game Freak
Region : USA / EUR
Game platform : Game Boy Advance
Rom Type:GBA