Athena No Hatena? is a Japanese trivia game for one or two players designed as a board game. At the start the player selects one of five stages that can be completed in any order. Any stage has a path shown as a board game with tiles where a path needs to be followed to reach the goal. Movement on the path is done by choosing one of the four available cards at the bottom of the screen.

They have a different colour and the number in the top left corner determines the number of steps that are taken. The tiles on the boards lead to different types of events. Some contain treasure chests with bonuses such as a card. Most of them lead to battles with a character.

The battles consist of a series of questions with four possible answers based on a wide range of topics. The player needs to select the correct answer to make the enemy lose a life. When all lives are lost the enemy is defeated and it is possible to move on. Points are also awarded based on the speed of the answer, represented through a line of flame icons with different colours.

It also acts as a time limit. A single credit consists of three lives. A life is lost for each wrong answer or when no answer is chosen.

In-Game Pics:

Hatena Satena GBA

Hatena Satena GBA Info:

Publish Date: October 4, 2001
Genre : Puzzle
Published by: Hudson Soft

Region : Japan
Game language(s): Japanese
Game platform : Gameboy Advance
Rom Type: .GBA

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