This game has a steep learning curve and will challenge your building and problem solving skills. Please do not purchase is unless you love experimenting, learning new stuff and want to support development of the game. Homebrew is a vehicle sandbox where creativity is key.The game is developed with a passion for science, input of the community and a belief that your imagination should be the only limit when it comes to what you can build.

If you’re looking for a game where you lose track of time perfecting your creations, testing them in a vast world and searching for new approaches/solutions this is the game for you. Now let’s look at what you can expect:SANDBOX BUILDINGYou are the creator and you have the power. You can set up controls for all kinds of input devices, theres no size or part limit and all parts are highly tweakable. In addition the builder includes a plating system and a dynamic vehicle tuner with debugging capabilities.

MULTIPLAYER + WORKSHOPPlay online and battle with your friends in the multiplayer. Search through the workshop and try out one of the many vehicles that other players have created.WEAPONSA wide range of weapons at your disposal that take real balistics into account.WORLDExplore the world of Homebrew and test your creations on one of the many islands.

The world has a dynamic day and night cycle and is large enough to test any type of vehicle including boats, supersonic planes, cars and more.PHYSICSIn addition to land vehicle behaviour the game has aerodynamics and water dynamics with waves in place so that you can test your creations to the extreme.PARTSWhether youre working on a car, a plane, a boat, a spaceship or anything else, Homebrew has a ton of parts including engines, motors, wheels, lights, wings, pontoons, detachers, transmissions, … More information about the individual parts can be found in our PARTS WIKI .LOGIC PARTSTake building to the next level and combine usual parts with logic components to build autopilot vehicles, stabilizing systems, transforming vehicles, robotic arms, … Your imagination is the limit.

More information on how to use these parts can be found on our PARTS WIKI AN AWESOME COMMUNITYWhether youre looking for help, someone to play with or simply want to chat youre always welcome to join us on Steam or our DISCORD CHANNEL. PARTSThats right, weve got a series of new parts planned including water parts, tank tracks, wings, hulls, wheels, more logic components and community suggestions.BUILDERWe want to continue improving builder and implement things like symmetry, coloring system and tools for user generated content.CHALLENGE SYSTEMTo add more gameplay and possibilities we will implement the necessary tools to create custom challenges in Homebrew.

WORLDWe want to expand the current world even more and add more variation to the environment.OTHER FEATURESOur team is always looking out for great community suggestions and based on the feedback that we receive well continue optimization and fixing bugs. In addition were also thinking about implementing tools for character customization.


BigBlueMenu is a Developed by menu / CIA manager for homebrew enabled 3DS consoles. You can load BigBlueBox as a 3ds rom and then install the .cia version so BigBlueBox is always accessible from your home screen, allowing you to install CIA packaged apps, games and emulators as you please.

How to install:

Using theBigBlueMenu you can install many games, eShop games, DLCs, themes, etc. This is the most up to date version of theBigBlue and its pretty easy to install. Just remember to have your Gateway updated to the 2.6 version or Higher.
Extract the .3ds File and copy it to your Gateways MicroSD like a normal ROM. Copy .cia File to the root of your 3DS SD card.
Boot the emuNAND like always and load theBigBlueMenu (Title Manager) from the ROM list. Choose the second tab and select the BigBlueMenu.cia file and press A to install.

After installed, you can delete the .3ds and the .cia files, because theBigBlueMenu (Title Manager) will be always on your HOME screen. When you want to install something, place the .cia file on the root of your SD and install it using the BBlueMenu.

DailyUploads Download Links:
Big Blue Menu.3DS
Big Blue Menu.CIA

If You Like This Game Then Buy IT, Support The Developed bys.

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  • You can extract Rar files with WinRar or 7Zip.
  • You need to download all the parts to extract the game.
  • All game files do not have any password.
  • If you cannot download game files, please request in Reuploads section.
  • Please buy it to support the developers if you love this game. Have fun ^^