Mario Kart 7 is the seventh installment of the fast paced kart racing game which features an all-star cast from the Super Mario universe. The game continues the tradition of featuring various courses for eight players to race through while using a number of different power ups; avoiding banana peels, and launching red shell projectiles at rival opponents. The mechanics of Mario Kart have evolved allowing the race karts to transform in the middle of a race between a hang glider and a hydro submersible vehicle upon encountering aerial of underwater course segments respectively. The customization also introduces new features in building the ultimate vehicle, choosing from various frames which range in weight, a selection of tires which affect the handling of the vehicle on certain surfaces.

There are 32 selectable tracks of which sixteen are new tracks, and the others are enhanced tracks from previous games. Several returning items like Koopa Shells, Banana Peels, and Super Mushrooms are present. Mario Kart 7 also features three items new to the Mario Kart series: the Fire Flower, the Super Leaf, and Lucky 7, which bestows seven items at once. In addition to traditional controls, Mario Kart 7 can be played using the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope, in which the action is viewed in first person and the player steers the kart simply by turning the entire game system.

While racing, collecting coins can provide the vehicle with a brief boost of speed. Multiplayer is supported for up to eight people in Grand Prix, VS, and Battle Modes. Time trial "ghost" data can be shared as well, and Nintendo 3DS owners who don’t have the game can use the Download & Play option to join in Grand Prix mode. The improved multiplayer mode allows eight players to connect online and compete together.

Players will be treated with a detailed stat tracker that can be exchanged with other players through StreetPass and SpotPass networking features. The innovative community feature allows for several online customization, matchmaking, and player networking.

In-Game Pics:

Mario Kart 7: Update 1.1 Mario Kart 7: Update 1.1 Mario Kart 7: Update 1.1

Mario Kart 7: Update 1.1 Info:

Publish Date: December 4, 2011
Genre : Racing
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
Region : EUR/JPN/USA (Region Free)

Game language(s): Multi Game language(s)
Game platform : Nintendo 3DS
Rom Type: Decrypted

Download Links:EUR(631MB) – JPN(638MB) –USA(624MB)
-> OpenLoad | MegaUp | TusFiles | 1Fichier | Uptobox
-> OpenLoad | MegaUp | TusFiles | 1Fichier | Uptobox
-> OpenLoad | MegaUp | TusFiles | 1Fichier | Uptobox

Update 1.1 Links: EUR(3MB) – JPN(3MB) –USA(3MB)
EUR -> OpenLoad | MegaUp | TusFiles | 1Fichier | SolidFiles
-> OpenLoad | MegaUp | ZippyShare | TusFiles | 1Fichier | Uptobox
-> OpenLoad | MegaUp | ZippyShare | TusFiles | 1Fichier | Uptobox

  • Get the Shared Fonts from -> Here , If Citra Asks for 3DS Dump/Archive Files
  • You Must Get the Latest Citra Canary Build to Play this DLC, Other Builds Dont Work but You can Try.
  • Change your Citra Region from Emulation/Config Menu, According to the ROM You’ve Selected.
  • Load the Decrypted ROM then Install Update CIA from Citra File Menu, Now Reload the Decrypted ROM.
  • Enjoy the Update Features.

For Extracting Rar Files Use WinRAR or 7zip

Decrypted ROM’s are playable on PC with Citra 3DS Emulator


  • You can extract Rar files with WinRar or 7Zip.
  • You need to download all the parts to extract the game.
  • All game files do not have any password.
  • If you cannot download game files, please request in Reuploads section.
  • Please buy it to support the developers if you love this game. Have fun ^^